Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things We Won't Miss About Mission St.

Don't get me wrong.... Mission St. is a cute little store and it's felt like home for a long long time.
But there are definitely some things we won't look back for!

The Parking Lot!!

Those aisle signs!

The teeny tiny back room!

That wall color in the deli!

The restroom

We're bringing all the employees with us... but we won't miss the produce back room!

This is actually just a picture of Jeni, the UNFI rep coming down the aisle by the deli. She and I both worked the front end at Mission St. back in the mid-1990s... ah, those were the daze.



Exterior Dairy

Interior Dairy

Front end..

Thanks for all the good years little store!! We will miss you just a little when we close the doors forever in the evening on Sunday, March 8th... but by the time we open the doors at the new store on March 11, you'll be just a memory... and probably a disheveled pile of used equipment!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot Tamales

Thursday, February 19th

We were supposed to be having a meeting, but the giant pipe for the fireplace in the seating area (above) arrived at the same time as the tamale lady! The tamales took top priority.

JB is an experienced multitasker!

Yes, that is the segment of 42" pipeline Cameron found in Bakersfield for us to reuse as a fireplace chimney in our seating area....

WARNING: If you are unmoved by large equipment moving huge objects, the next sequence may bore you.

Looks like it was always there, doesn't it?? Don't worry... that isn't its final destination. Stay tuned for another episode of "As the Pipe Rolls"

Somebody stole John Hope's signs from the job.... I can't really figure out why someone would do that.... you can't really tell here, but Jason has drawn a sketch of the signs. If you have any info, please let us know!!

Who doesn't love a meeting?? At least we have doughnuts.

All she needs is roller skates....

And then we adjourned and returned to the store: top priorities? Cleaning the store and cleaning and sealing the floor...

Jeni, Mariana, and Bonnie

Sparrow, Rex, and Steven

Rex, NL's GM and Steven, our project manager from CDM

Kelly, Steven, and Mike prepare to garnish the already mindblowing floor.

Feet in consultation...